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1.What areas do you service?

Our cleaners and movers service all over the United States.

2. How do I know I can trust this company?

We provide professional service, we employ employees who pride themselves in quality services. Our company is both licensed and insured. Our cleaners are highly skilled and trained with at least 3 years of professional cleaning experience. All of our employees have clean backgrounds as well. 

3. Do I need to be present during my appointment?

No, just make sure you communicate this upon booking or with your cleaner. Before and after pics of the cleaning will be kept on file for 30 days whether you stay during appointment or not. You may call, text, or email to request copies. 

4.What if something is damaged during my appointment?

We treat you and and your property with complete respect. If something does unexpectedly break, we do our best to either repair or replace that item. Our company is fully insured. All damages must be reported within 24 hours directly to management. Call 267-747-7346 and press extension for management. Leave a message if no one answers. You may email them as well at

5. Is there anything that your company does not clean?

We do not clean bodily fluids or feces and inside of fire places. We do not clean or scrape paint off of floors to avoid possible damage. We do not power wash walls, but will dust your walls. We do not remove dead rodents or bugs. You will have to request a quote by clicking the 'Home Solutions' tab for cleanings of the nature.  Cleaning for the inside of your fridge, stove, and cabinets are available by request for residential and commercial cleanings. Please be sure to clear floors before cleaners arrival. Cleaners do not wash dishes but will place in dishwasher if one is available, they will be sure to start dishwasher as well. Laundry is only available per request for our contracted clients.

6. Do I provide cleaning supplies?

No, unless you prefer; we do not mind. Our cleaning crew will arrive fully equipped to clean with quality products unless you prefer otherwise. 

7. Do I have to provide a method of payment each time I am serviced?

You may choose to have your card saved on file to be charged whenever you are serviced. 

8. How do I book a regular cleaning for my residential property?

After booking your initial cleaning, your customer profile is built. An email will be sent after booking an appt to invite you to become a regular customer. 

9. What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

We work with you. We typically recommend contacting us at least 48 hours before your regularly scheduled appointment with a more convenient time. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please remember deposits are non refundable unless the company is at fault. 


10. What if i'm sick, should I reschedule my appointment?

Please make us aware if anyone in your household has a contagious illness so that we can properly handle the job or possibly reschedule. We care about the well being of all of our employees. When booking, you agree that you have not traveled outside of the country within 14 days of appointment and that you have no flu like symptoms. Our cleaners/movers agree to not travel out of the country within 14 days of your appointment and they are required to wear masks and gloves to every appointment. They are not allowed to work if they are experiencing flu like symptoms. 


11. Do you send the same cleaners each time?

Yes, we do everything within our control to send the same cleaners on a regular basis. However, just like any workplace, we experience absences and resignations. We will send a replacement cleaner, if necessary in order to meet your schedule requirements. You may request at anytime to switch your cleaner.

12. What happens if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?

Although this RARELY happens. You must report this within 24 hours of your cleaning. Just email or contact management by dialing 267-747-7346 and dialing the extension for management. Please make sure you take pics as proof.

Management will then investigate and contact you with a resolution. Response from management is usually within 72 business hours but can take up to 7 business days during busy peak times.  

13. What happens if I leave a balance unpaid?​

If a customer does have an unpaid balance (which is rare), the balance will incur late fees until paid and be forwarded to our collections department to be reported to the credit bureau. This goes for wrongly filed disputes as well, which is very rare since we take great care of all customers.


14. How do I set up regular commercial cleaning?

We would love to service your commercial property! Just fill out the intake form in the 'Commercial' section of this site to receive an instant quote.

15. How do I receive discounts?

Sign up for our mailing list to receive weekly offers and discounts.

16. Can I tip my cleaner?

Yes, please do. We encourage tips for our employees hard work. 

17. What if I am running late to my appointment?

It's ok, however proper communication is required. If we do not hear from you within 15 minutes of start time of appointment, the cleaner may leave and the company will contact you within 24 hours with rescheduling options. 


18. Do you clean up paint from floors?

Yes, just fill out intake by clicking 'Home Solutions' tab. Our regular cleaners, do not remove paint from floors. 

19. How do I set up post construction cleaning?

Post construction cleaning is available by request and costs $75 more. Just put in the special request when booking. Just notate that its a construction cleaning. 

20. Do you service beach homes? 

Yes we do. Cleanings for properties on the beach are $30 extra due to the sand. 

21. What if I want to add more time to my cleaning or move?

During your appointment, if you need to add more will be charged to card on file. Cleaners or movers will give you a heads up if more time is needed to complete job.

22. I am a contracted client, how do I cancel services?

You may cancel services at anytime, you just need to give us a 30 day notification to avoid cancellation fees. All previously scheduled cleanings that occur within the last 30 days of service can not be cancelled. If there is no activity on your account for 30 days, we will treat it as as an early cancellation unless you reach out to us to give us the heads up of the situation. Please keep in mind that once you submit an agreement, you are starting service.  

23. Is the team ok with pets?

Yes! We love pets, it's ok to have pets in the home while we clean. We just ask that they are kept in another area of the home while we handle cleaning.


 24. What if there is no electricity at the property?

There must be running water and electricity on the property in order to receive any cleaning services.

25. Where is my refund?

It takes 7 to 14 business days for a refund to process back to your card. You must cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance for a refund. 

26. Should I make the cleaner aware of parking fees for my building?

Parking fees will be billed to you unless there is on street or free parking available.

27. What if there are extreme weather conditions on the day of my appointment? 

If weather conditions are not safe for our cleaners and movers, we will contact you asap to reschedule. We do try our best to avoid this for our Air Bnb Clients. 

28. How much is co-hosting?

We charge $199 per month.

29. What don't your co-hosting service include?

We do not list your property or furnish it. We also do not handle pricing. Co-hosting is 24 hour customer service for your guests. We take care of all of their needs from late/early check in requests, maintenance issues, recommendations, etc.   

30. Can I hire you through my insurance provider?

Yes, we take payments from insurance companies. Just email or text us to request to pay through your insurance company.  

31. Is my vacation rental property eligible for your service?

Yes, as long as your property has working WiFi, working TV, air conditioning, heating, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, and fridge. 

32. Do you apply New York State tax to New York customers?

Yes, we do. All New York customers will have an additional 8% NY state tax applied to card on file. This applies to the state of California as well. This now applies to New Jersey and Vermont as well.

33. What is the California and New York surcharge?

Due to high demand in these areas, there is a $25 surcharge for all services in California and New York. This now applies to New Jersey and Vermont as well.  


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