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Messy Kids Drive Mommies Insane!

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

We’ve met a lot of wonderful mommies that needed help with one thing, keeping the house clean with kids! They believe it's impossible until we help them realize that they just need a system put into place. It just takes organizational skills, patience, planning...or you can just hire a professional. Either way, we have witnessed moms show instant signs of relief once a system was introduced and put into play. Below are a couple ideas to implement into your system.

Put a "Treasure Box" in every room

A treasure box can be anything that you can place random junk in, however it's nice for the box to be decorative to blend with the room. It can also be as simple as an ottoman with storage, you know the ottomans that you can take the top off of. These treasure boxes shall be where all of the random misplaced items in the room are placed. Once a week, you shall go through each treasure box and put all of the random "treasures" back where they belong.

Kids shall only be able to eat in the kitchen or dining room

This just helps random food from hiding under the couch, or ketchup from being smeared on your walls. Every crumb will be in one room, makes it easy to attack the mess and keeps little hungry critters from running around your house.


Saves you time and energy, they will also help out with your system and can add ideas if you like.

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